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[Hetalia Fanfic]: Su Vida de Lucha - Ch 2

Title: Su Vida de Lucha
Genre: History
Characters/Pairings: OC!Mexico, Spain.
Rating: T
Note: This is the first time I've ever tried writing about a Hetalia character in historical terms. Please excuse me if I miss a few things here and there about Mexico's history. If I try to write about everything in the Hetalia style of story-telling, this thing will never get done. Written out of boredom and used as a writing exercise. Also to increase my knowledge of the country where my grandparents were born and where I come from. Obviously I'm not going to write about every single little event that happens. I'm gonna try to blend it as much as possible where it'll still make sense.
Summary: He had to put up with it. Put up with those who came to try and conquer them, put up with his mother's death, put up with the way he and his people were treated by them, and really, just put up with the demon named Spain. This is the story of a colony who survived trial after trial, and will finally be known as his own independent country, Mexico.

Chapters: Uno

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[Hetalia Fanfic]: The History of Mexico

So one of my friends animesoul167 had created an OC, Puerto Rico, and had turned her history into a fanfiction. So I decided to do the same, but with Mexico, since he's my OC. Lol

Uhm, it's not perfect because this country has a looooootttt of history so I'm not going to write about EVERYTHING because then that would take forever...

This story won't be frequent because I'm only going to update it when I have time and when I'm not too lazy to research on it. xD The chapters might not be very long though. Idk yet.

But here's the first completed one anyway.

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