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[Hetalia Fanfic]: Su Vida de Lucha - Ch 2

Title: Su Vida de Lucha
Genre: History
Characters/Pairings: OC!Mexico, Spain.
Rating: T
Note: This is the first time I've ever tried writing about a Hetalia character in historical terms. Please excuse me if I miss a few things here and there about Mexico's history. If I try to write about everything in the Hetalia style of story-telling, this thing will never get done. Written out of boredom and used as a writing exercise. Also to increase my knowledge of the country where my grandparents were born and where I come from. Obviously I'm not going to write about every single little event that happens. I'm gonna try to blend it as much as possible where it'll still make sense.
Summary: He had to put up with it. Put up with those who came to try and conquer them, put up with his mother's death, put up with the way he and his people were treated by them, and really, just put up with the demon named Spain. This is the story of a colony who survived trial after trial, and will finally be known as his own independent country, Mexico.

Chapters: Uno


Chapter 2
Tenochtitlan watched his mother pace around the room. He looked at her worriedly. "Mama, what's wrong?"

She stopped pacing and turned, smiling at him. "It's nothing. Don't worry about it."

"I can tell that…something is bothering you mama."

The woman gave a small frown and said, "Moctezuma just left to greet the outsiders."


"Yes. I don't understand what he's doing. Why is he greeting them? Was he not aware of all those omens that occurred? Nothing good will come of this. I don't want my people to be harmed…"

Tenochtitlan started to feel afraid. "He's really bringing them here?"

"Yes, men from a faraway land. But I don't trust them one bit. I just don't. There is something about them that doesn't seem right."

"Are they like…the two men that talked with 'Zuma a while back?"

Azteca walked over to her son and picked him up, holding him in her arms. "Yes, they were."

"Did you find out what they said to him mama?"

"Unfortunately, yes I did. This man…I believe his name was…Cortes…was spoken about with Moctezuma by those two men. Apparently Cortes told him that the people of Cholula were disrespectful to him, therefore they were punished, meaning he killed them."

Tenochtitlan's eyes widened. "…what?"

"Yes…it's true my son. And as long as us Aztecs show this Cortes man some respect and we give gifts of gold, we will be safe and avoid being killed."

"But…but…but that's not right mama!"

"I know, I know."

"We need to do something!"

"Tenochtitlan, don't be foolish. Until we know the full extent of their power, we shouldn't do anything at this time."

The boy looked displeased but worried all at once. Azteca held him to her bosom. "Don't worry Tenochtitlan. I'm going to protect you, no matter what the costs."



A while later, Moctezuma entered Azteca's room, where she was relaxing with her son and his pet turkey.


The woman quickly got up and walked over to him. "Are you alright Moctezuma?"

"Yes, I'm fine."

She paused. "So…I'm assuming you really did invite those men here?"

"Yes I did, but they seem to be calm right now."

"But for how long? They could easily try to pick a fight with us."

"That is not why I came here Azteca. Cortes wants to see you. Please, follow me. Bring Tenochtitlan along as well."

Azteca looked over to her son who was petting the turkey. She looked worried, but she had to obey her leader. "Alright." She dressed herself accordingly (though she really only put on her accessories she had taken off earlier) and kneeled down in front of her son.

"Tenochtitlan, we're going to go meet the men Moctezuma brought here, okay?"

"But mama, I don't want to meet them…"

"We have too." She stood up and held out her hand. "Come Teno."

The small boy grabbed his mother's hand and followed her out with Moctezuma. Tenochtitlan left his pet turkey in the room, for he didn't want anything to happen to him.

Moctezuma led them to another room where two men were standing, looking at the wall and interior design.

"This, is our nation we were speaking to you about, Sir Cortes."

The man looked at Azteca and eyed her, but she kept a straight face and showed no signs of emotion. Then he looked down at the child whose hand she was holding. The other man next to him looked much younger, but nevertheless, intimidating. His smile appeared warm at first, but Tenochtitlan didn't like him at all.

Cortes glanced at the man next to him. "What do you think, Spain?"

Spain looked at Azteca, and then at Tenochtitlan. He spoke to Azteca. "Are you what I am?"

"That depends. What exactly are you?"

Spain smiled. "I'm a Nation, just like yourself. I am called Spain. Pleased to meet you!"

Azteca said nothing, and Tenochtitlan held her hand tighter.

"Would you like a moment alone with them, Spain?"

"Yes please."

Cortes exited the room and Moctezuma followed. While they were off doing their own business, Spain casually walked around Azteca and Tenochtitlan.

"So, Azteca, are you a Nation?"

"I have lived for a very long time, and I age slower than the rest of my people. At first they thought I was a goddess, but then they came to the realization that I was actually a representation of them, a populace, a culture. An empire."

"Oh, I see. So then you are what I am. And this boy, who is he?"

"This is my son. He too ages slower than other children."

Spain knelt down and looked at Tenochtitlan. The young child looked at him. He had never seen a person with green eyes, or colored eyes for that matter, which only made him more wary of the man. "And what is your name?" he asked with a smile.

Tenochtitlan hid behind his mother and didn't respond. Azteca decided to give Spain an answer instead. "His name is Tenochtitlan."

"Ah! I see! He's the embodiment of the city then?"

"Yes, and my heir, if anything should ever happen to me."

"Interesting. Then he will become the next Nation, huh?" He said the last part more to himself than to them.

"Well Azteca," Spain began as he stood up. "I think it's only fair to warn you that as long as there are no signs of rebellion and you meet our demands, no harm shall come to you or your son."

"How can I be certain? You already brought in other tribes that do not like us who are alleged with your kind. That enough gives me a reason to not trust you."

Spain's face started to take a more serious turn. "Despite the fact that Cortes is my commander, it's not like he does not ask me for my opinion. I am his Nation in a humanized form after all."

Azteca said nothing and was on guard. Tenochtitlan continued to hide behind his mother. Spain glanced at him and gave a smile. The young child didn't like the look in his eyes at all.

"You know, I always wondered how beings like us are able to reproduce. I never found that out. I have an older brother, but we never knew who was our mother or our father. We were just…there. It's difficult to explain. That's why I was always curious as to how some of our kind were able to have children, if you will. There was also a great empire back where I came from as well."

"Really?" It was more of a statement than a question.

"Yes! Though he is no more, he left two grandsons in his place."

"I see."

There was a pause, and then Spain spoke again. "You know Azteca, if anything should happen to you, you can rest assured that I'll make sure Tenochtitlan survives."


"My commander might hurt him, but I'll make sure he doesn't. He's such a small child after all. I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to him!"

"I don't believe you."

"We're both Nations. You should understand how our people get whenever they're in a period of war or battle. I don't want Tenochtitlan to get hurt. I hate seeing children harmed or killed, even by my own people." Spain looked at her deeply and said, "Just trust me Azteca. I promise I'll make sure he survives if anything should happen."

The woman looked at her son, then back at Spain, then at her son again. She thought for a few moments and gave a subtle sigh without opening her mouth. She looked at Spain and said, "Alright, I will trust you. Please, if anything should ever happen to me, take good care of my son…Spain."

"Of course I will. I'll make sure he survives! You can count on it!" He smiled, which reassured Azteca, but left Tenochtitlan with a lot of doubts.

He has a strange smile, he thought to himself. It seems like there's more to it than meets the eye…


Azteca trusted Spain a little more after that, though she remained to be on her guard while the Spaniards occupied the city. Her worries returned though when a villager ran to her room and barged in.


She stood up immediately and pushed him out of the room, for young Tenochtitlan was sleeping. Outside her room, she talked with the villager.

"What is it?"

"The outsiders have taken Moctezuma as prisoner!"

"What?!" She looked panicked and afraid. "I knew it…I knew it! I knew nothing good would come of this!" She clutched her hands at her sides.

"We housed that man…that Nation…and all their followers…we've fed them…we gave them gifts of gold…we replaced our gods with their idols…and then they go and do this!"

The villager looked saddened and afraid. Then he said, "They demand more gold...Azteca…"

"More? We already gave them more than they deserve!"

"But they want more! If we don't meet their demands-"

Azteca looked like she wanted to attack something, but she refrained from doing so and held her hand to her forehead, frustrated and panicked.

"Azteca…what do you plan to do?"

She looked at the villager. He continued to speak. "You are the embodiment of our great empire. You can do something to stop this. You have lived a long time. You must know by now what to do in dire situations…"

The woman thought and thought. She glanced into her room where her legacy was sleeping. Tenochtitlan…my son…

"…I guess we might as well give them the gold."

"But Azteca-!"

"Would you rather risk them killing Moctezuma and seizing Tenochtitlan?!"

"No but-"

"We will give them gold."

The villager looked sad and disappointed. "Are you sure?"

"Yes. I shall do it myself."


"I'm not afraid of them. Don't worry."

"Alright. I…understand…"


Azteca and a few others had gathered the amount of gold and personally handed it to Cortes and his men. Moctezuma was in chains, and it made Azteca gravely sad to see her leader in such a situation. This only made her hate the Spaniards even more.

As the Empire watched the men lustfully eying all the gold with smiles stretching across their faces and laughter of joy roaring throughout the room, Spain walked next to Azteca and said, "Good decision."

She felt angry when he spoke. "Excuse me?"

"You could have easily revolted against us."

"Then you would have killed Moctezuma."

"Possibly. But would have it mattered? You might have still continued to oppose us either way."

"As long as Tenochtitlan, the city and my son, are not harmed…then…but don't do anything to my leader either!"

"We won't! You've been cooperative so far! That's great! We'll just see how this goes from here on in, okay? And I'm still keeping my promise in making sure your son survives anything that may occur!"

He smiled at her again, but she was starting to want to smack that smile off his face at this point.


Tenochtitlan didn't like how things were going, and he'd get worried because his mother would get stressed by everything that was happening. "Is Moctezuma going to be okay, mama?"

"I hope so. We gave them gold…so they better not do anything to harm him."

"Mama, why don't you do something?"

She gave a sad smile and petted his head. "Tenochtitlan, I may be the Empire, but I still have to follow my leader's orders. And since he's been taken prisoner, I don't have any way of knowing what he wants me to do."

"But the people should listen to you mama! You can think of a way to help him! You can do anything!"

Azteca adored her son's naïveté and confidence in her, but he was young, so he didn't know how serious this situation exactly was. "I'll think of something Tenochtitlan. For now…we'll have to obey those…people."

"Okay mama…"

Spain knocked on the door frame (which kinda hurt because it was made of stone) and walked inside. "Can I come in?"

"You're already inside."

He laughed. "Aww, come on, don't look at me with that face!"

"When are you going to leave us alone?"

"Actually, that's what I came to talk to you about. I have to go somewhere with my commander, but I'll return."

"Where are you going?"

"There are a few…complications on an island near here, and we have to take care of it accordingly."


"Nothing you need to worry about. Anyway, I'll be gone for a while, but I'll return along with my master and the soldiers we're taking with us."

"So then you're all leaving." She would have smiled but decided not to.

"I said some, not all."

"What? Why do you need to leave 'some' here?!"

"To make sure you guys don't plan a revolt or anything! They'll keep an eye on you."

"Hold on a minute-!"

"It's my commander's idea, not mine. But do you really want to bring it up with him?"

Azteca glared at Spain. He only looked at her with an emotionless face and said nothing. He began to walk out of the room.

"That's what I came to tell you. And don't try to run, because it won't get you anywhere. My commander has his eyes on Tenochtitlan, and he's not going to let him get away." That was all he said as he exited the room.

Tenochtitlan looked up at his mother. "Mama…"

She held him close to her. "Don't say anything Teno. It's going to be alright."

I need to do something, she thought. This has gone on far enough! It's time to take action!


A/N: My chapters for this particular fanfic are going to be much shorter than those of other fanfics, for the most part. They'll also take longer to complete because I have to research and write at the same time meaning: irl events + Hetalia universe = WORK. Yeah... Also, the title of this fanfic may keep changing, just so you know, but I'm going to leave the tag for this story "the history of mexico" alone for the time being.

☆ "Lucha" means "struggle" in Spanish, if I'm not mistaken. (If I am, somebody please correct me!) Therefore, the translated title to this story is: "His Life of Struggle", except it sounds cooler in Spanish. lol

☆ It was difficult for me to portray Spain in this chapter because I wanted to portray a darker side to him, but still try to keep his canon "happiness" and country bumpkin demeanor for the most part. How do you guys think I did? Dx

☆ The two men "Teno" was talking about are Pedro de Alvarado and Bernardino Vázquez de Tapia. They were sent by Cortes as ambassadors to Tenochtitlan.

☆ His name can either be spelled "Moctezuma" or "Montezuma". While Microsoft Word and Firefox think "Montezuma" is correct, I'm going to leave it as "Moctezuma".

"Moctezuma had apparently tried to stop the advance of Cortés and his troops, and it seems that he ordered the leaders of Cholula to try to stop him. Cholula had a very small army, since as a sacred city, they put their confidence in their prestige and their gods. According to the chronicles of the Tlaxcalteca, the priest of Cholula expected to use the power of Quetzalcoatl against them.

La Malinche told Cortés, after talking to the wife of one of the lords of Cholula, that the locals planned to murder the Spaniards in their sleep and although he did not know if the rumor was true or not, Cortés ordered a pre-emptive strike, urged on by the Tlaxcalans, the enemies of the Cholulans. The Spaniards seized and killed many of the local nobles to serve as a lesson."
From Wikipedia, since that's what I'm using for this story. I know I know, not the best source but it's pretty convenient.

☆ The empire Spain was talking about is Rome, so obviously the "grandsons" are North and South Italy.

☆ The natives that allied themselves with Cortes and his men were the Tlaxcalans, who hated the Aztecs and were bitter towards them after the Flower Wars. They found that the Spaniards would be a good group to ally themselves with against the Aztecs. I mean, at first they fought, but eventually that conclusion came to them, so they decided to become allies with Cortes.

☆ Moctezuma had given Cortes, the Spaniards and their allied natives they picked up a long the way, a place to stay, which was the palace of his father, Axayácatl. (Don't try to pronounce that lol). Of course, Cortes wanted more, so he demanded gifts of gold which he got, but it gets better. He also wanted the two large idols at the main Aztec temple to be removed and in their place, a shrine for the Virgin Mary and a shrine for St. Christopher. Then Cortes takes Moctezuma prisoner after everything is said and done, and asks for more gold as a ransom. The Aztec people give him the gold disdainfully... But I made Azteca say "their idols" to make fun of this.

"...Cortés received news from the coast that a much larger party of Spaniards under the command of Pánfilo de Narváez had arrived. Narváez had been sent by Governor Velázquez not only to supersede Cortés, but to arrest him and bring him to trial in Cuba for insubordination, mutiny, and treason." This is the complication Spain was talking about, which is why he's going to leave with Cortes. But Cortes wasn't going to leave Tenochtitlan unguarded, so he left 140 men in the city under Pedro de Alvadro, and took the rest with him.

☆ You'll understand later why Spain keeps telling Azteca he'll make sure Tenochtitlan survives anything that happens.

Anyway, that's the second chapter. This story is only posted in my journal because I'm afraid to submit it anywhere else. XD; I'll probably have it up on my Fanfiction.net account soon...
Tags: !fanfic: the history of mexico, !fanfiction, hetalia, oc

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