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[Hetalia Fanfic]: The History of Mexico

So one of my friends animesoul167 had created an OC, Puerto Rico, and had turned her history into a fanfiction. So I decided to do the same, but with Mexico, since he's my OC. Lol

Uhm, it's not perfect because this country has a looooootttt of history so I'm not going to write about EVERYTHING because then that would take forever...

This story won't be frequent because I'm only going to update it when I have time and when I'm not too lazy to research on it. xD The chapters might not be very long though. Idk yet.

But here's the first completed one anyway.

Chapter 1
This story takes place sometime during the late 1400's and early 1500's of the land which was described as The New World to those who lived on the other side of the globe. The specific setting for this story is in a region located in the central part of the newly discovered landmass.

A little boy was happily playing with a wild turkey he had claimed as his pet. He chased it around the room. This was just one of his usual daytime activities. Others consisted of walking around the village and visiting residents or watching women making food, which he usually got to eat when they were finished.

"What are you doing, Tenochtitlan?" asked a voice.

The little boy turned around and saw a woman walking towards him. She was rather beautiful with a very tribal look about her, though the most striking feature of her outfit was her headdress, the large vibrant blue and green feathers attracting the most attention.

"Mama!" he said happily. "I was playing with my turkey!"

"You caught another one?"

"Yes! But see, I put a necklace around him." He picked up the turkey and showed his mother the very fancy necklace around his pet. "Now nobody can steal him so I don't lose another turkey!"

The woman laughed and her son only smiled in response. "Are you hungry?"

The boy, named Tenochtitlan, nodded. "Yes! Can we eat now?"

"Of course."

The boy followed his mother into her room. It had a great view. The room was atop a pyramid that overlooked the village. The two loved to just sit there and looked at the setting sun on clear days, like today.

The woman placed her headdress down and sunk onto her throne. She sighed and looked at her son, smiling. She patted her lap and he put down the turkey, scurrying over to her. She picked him up and sat him down on her lap.

"So mama," he began. "Are you happy?"

"Hmm? What do you mean?"

"Well, because your empire is so big! A lot of the people told me so!"

She chuckled. "Yes, I suppose so. The recent alliance seems like a very good thing for us."

A few women brought bowls of food as they were discussing. "But more importantly, are you happy, Tenochtitlan?"

"Yes! As long as mama is happy, then I will be happy too, because mama's happiness, is also mine!"

She smiled and pet her son's head. "I'm glad to hear that. I hope that we can continue to live the same we are doing right now, so that way you can continue to be happy."

Tenochtitlan smiled and hugged his mother.

"Oh look, the food is here."

"Yay! We get to eat now!"

The woman laughed at her son's enthusiasm about eating their meal. She looked at his joyous expression as he fed himself but also his pet turkey. She really loved her empire that she and her rulers were able to establish.

She hoped that they could live like this for a little while longer, but she couldn't help but feel that something horrible was soon to come. She hadn't spoken about these things with anyone, especially her son, for she didn't want to frighten him.

But she couldn't help it. Too many strange things had happened recently. For one, she had seen a strange appearance in the sky to the east. A fire had consumed the temple of Huitzilopochtli. A lightning bolt had destroyed the straw temple of Xiuhtecuhtli. Then there was the appearance of streaking fire across the oceans, the boiling and flooding of a nearby lake of her current residence. A woman had wept in the middle of the night. And then there was that capturing of an unknown creature with a fishing net.

All of these were bad omens to the woman and she only prayed to the gods that nothing bad would happen to her people or her beloved son.


That's all I have for now. Sorry it's not a lot. x___x You all probably already know who the woman is in this story, right? I'm sure you do. :3 And don't try to pronounce those strange-sounding names you see, because it'll be very difficult. Lol

Some notes!

☆ At this point in the story, Mexico is known as "Tenochtitlan" which was a major city of the Aztec Empire. Ruins of Tenochtitlan can be found in present day Mexico City. Yeah, kinda confusing, but it'll make sense later. lol

☆ The alliance the woman was talking about was called "The Aztec Triple Alliance" which consisted of the cities (?) Tenochtitlan, Texcoco, and Tlacopan, Teno being the "seat" of the Aztec empire.

☆ Wild turkeys were domesticated by the Aztecs, which is why Mex--I mean "Teno" has one as a pet.

☆ Those omens the woman had are real, or they were believed to be bad omens by the Aztec Empire. These omens were believed to have happened 10 years before the Spaniards arrival in the Americas.

That's about it for now. =w= Sorry if some of my history is off. DON'T BE MEAN OKAY.
Tags: !fanfic: the history of mexico, !fanfiction, hetalia, oc

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