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List of Human Names for Hetalia Characters

This is a list of all of the characters who will appear in my fanfic Time of Your Life. Some of the more insignificant characters will only appear once or twice, or even just get a mention of their name. My OCs won't be very frequent in the story either, only to add a humorous effect or to just fill up space. I have altered some of their last names to show the relationship to other characters. Some of the characters have fanon-canon names, meaning this is what they're called by the Japanese fandom of Hetalia. The rest I searched online for to see which names would be appropriate for them. (Though by now I forgot what most of the names stood for...whoops...)

Canon Names

N. Italy - Feliciano Vargas
Germany - Ludwig Beilschmidt
Japan - Kiku Honda
America - Alfred F. Jones
England - Arthur Kirkland
France - Francis Bonnefoy
China - Yao Wang
Russia - Ivan Braginski
Canada - Matthew Williams Jones
Spain - Antonio Fernandez Carriedo
S. Italy - Lovino Vargas
Hungary - Elizabeta Hedervary
Austria - Roderich Edelstein
Prussia - Gilbert Beilschmidt
Lithuania - Toris Lorinaitis
Poland - Feliks Lukasiewicz
Latvia - Raivis Galante
Estonia - Eduard von Bock
Belarus - Natalia Braginski
Ukraine - Katyusha Braginski <--- canon-fanon first name
Switzerland - Vash Zwingli
Liechtenstein - Lili Zwingli <--- canon-fanon first name
Finland - Tino Vainamoinen
Sweden - Berwald Oxenstierna
Turkey - Sadiq Adnan
Greece - Heracles Karpusi
Egypt - Gupta Muhammad Hassan
S. Korea - Im Yong Soo
Sealand - Peter Kirkland

Fanon Names

Seychelles - Angelique Laroche
Cuba - Ricardo Cruz
Denmark - Aksel Larsen
Norway - Niklas Johansen
Iceland - Geir Johansen
Hong Kong - Li Wang
Taiwan - Mei Wang
Vietnam - Lien Chung
Thailand - Kasem Chao
Belgium - Sanne de Vries
Netherlands - Arjan de Vries
Australia - Logan Kirkland
Rome - Arsenius Vargas
Germania - Folkert Beilschmidt
Kenya - Radhi Abasi
Zimbabwe - Jendayi Gazi

OC Names

Mexico - Manuel Antonio De la Cruz Sanchez
India - Neeraja Patel
Israel - Navah Azulai
Guatemala - Alicia Sanchez
Puerto Rico - Eva Sanchez
Scotland - Angus Brown Kirkland
Wales - Gavan Kirkland
N. Ireland - Connor Kirkland
Ireland - Bridget Kirkland
Vancouver - Victoria Kirkland <--- my friend's City OC
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