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- Anime and manga. Really. I like it so much that when I listen to non-anime-related songs, I imagine anime characters in a music video. Wat.
- Animals. I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up. :D My favorite animals are bunnies because they're cute. I also like dinosaurs. 8D
- Cute things. Oh God do I love cute things. >w< That's probably one of the reasons why I love Hetalia so much. The moe ~
- HETALIA. I've never seen such a unique and creative series except for Pokemon in my entire life. Ever. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. ♥
- Food. I'm kinda a fattie when it comes to food. Oh, and NEVER get in between me and my food when I'm hungry. I will hurt you.
- Art. That's my favorite subject in school. EVER. I love expressing myself through forms of artistic media. I draw a lot too, even though I'm not very good at it yet.
- Writing. Ok, mostly fanfiction so...yeah, I love to write. But I hate essays.
- Internet. I spend like 80% of my free time on the internet. Sad, I know. I get angry when my internet is being an ass and doesn't want to work.
- Considerate people. I hate assholes even though I can be one too occasionally. I like people who are kind and respectful.
- Movies. I love going to the movie theater with friends or family. I LOVE MOVIES. Too bad I don't always have money to go there.
- Sleeping. I'm pretty lazy, so I like to sleep a lot.
- Video games. I don't play them as much, but I always LOVE to play the Pokemon games. Those never get old with me. I also like SSBB and Zelda: Wind Waker. Toon Link FTW.
- Christmas. It's my favorite holiday of the year. No really, it is. And it's not because of the presents. I love Christmas because it's so joyful and I love the festiveness in the air. Yay Christmas! ♥
- Bishounen. They're my favorite character type, and about 98% of my favorite anime characters fall into this category, including those from APH. Ok, well...they're really only bishounen in fanart, like so. I want that picture poster sized for my bedroom. Mm. Bishounen. :3
- Tamaki!Alfred. You're probably thinking "...the hell is Tamaki!Alfred?" Well, he's really a combo of Tamaki from Ouran and Alfred/America from Hetalia. I like crossovers because they're fun. Tamaki!Alfred spawned from this video.
- Traveling. My life's dream is to travel around the world (and this was before I knew about Hetalia mind you) so I get excited whenever my mom says that we're gonna go somewhere that's not home a.k.a. vacation, though sadly the only places I've been to are Texas, Washington D.C., and Mexico. TwT
- Accents. Oh my God. Just...ACCENTS. ♥ I love all kinds of accents, even American accents (you know, like New York accents). But I think my favorites would have to be...eh...I can't decide! Uh, I suppose it would be British, Spanish or Russian accents. Ah! But then I also love Italian and French accents. Just...hnnng! >w<
- Music. I never leave my house without my iPod which I have named Alfred because then I'll be grumpy. I don't...necessarily like a certain genre. I like songs, not music, is what I should say. I don't care about bands. I like a song because of the instrumentals, beats, etc. not because of the lyrics. I actually don't pay attention to the lyrics most of the time. xD

- Gangsters. I'm actually really afraid of anybody who looks like a gangster, and I'm not talking about the Italian Mafia. An iccident a while ago caused me to become traumatized of gangsters, not to mention I keep having nightmares where they try to shoot me to death.
- Guns. And I mean the regular hand guns that most people can get their paws on. Why? Because of the gangster trauma. I also hate knives.
- Spiders. Ugh. I hate spiders despite being an animal person. I also hate sharks. Well, no, more like I'm afraid of sharks.
- Ghosts. They scare the shit outta me. Seriously.
- Clowns. I've never liked clowns. I hate going to circuses because of them.
- Horror/Gore. YOU COULD NEVER PAY ME ENOUGH TO WATCH A HORROR MOVIE, EVEN IN BROAD DAY LIGHT ON A TROPICAL ISLAND WITH THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE. I WILL FIGHT YOU IF I'M FORCED TO WATCH A HORROR MOVIE. To add to that, I hate blood. I get a bit squemish and light-headed when I see blood. How ironic. I wanna be a doctor yet I feel faint at the sight of blood.
- Racism. Along with discrimination, prejudice, and sexism. Funny though how my favorite series has stereotypes.
- Conceited people. I hate--ok, well I don't necessarily hate people who are full of themselves, but sometimes it gets annoying.
- Math. Great God do I hate that subject. A lot. I can't stand math...even though we all need it...
- People who lack common sense get me very irritated. And also people who don't know how to use proper grammar. Take a guess on my opinion of chatspeak. Go on.
- Also, I dislike people who take everything to the ass and bitch a lot for no good reason.
- Being bored. If there's no internet, then I play video games. If I get bored of video games, I write fanfics. If I get bored of doing that, then I read my manga. And if I don't have any new volumes, I listen to my iPod and sometimes I even get bored of that. And if THAT happens, then I draw, but sometimes THAT even gets boring. I need to be entertained or else I get grumpy.
- Getting sick. Good Lord do I hate getting sick. I feel like death when I have a cold or a fever. I hate coughing because sometimes I cough so hard and non stop that I feel like I'm gonna vomit. And the fact that I hate medicine doesn't help when I'm sick either. I don't like that crap. Does it even help you? Really now...
- Being bossed around. I hate having people telling me what to do, especially if they nag about it.

Good Things?
- I may not always be able to help, but I'm always willing to lend an ear, or a shoulder to cry on.
- With the above being said, a lot of people come to me for help or advice.
- I'm a confidant. Though sometimes it gets stressful because there are occasions where a lot of people come to me with their problems all at once and expect me to fix them with magic or something. I'm not God people. I don't make miracles. The best I can offer is my shoulder and ear and occasional advice.
- I'm trustworthy, which is why I'm a confidant.
- I'm creative, so I've been told. A lot of people admire my creativity whenever it comes to art-related things. I also have a strange imagination...
- I improvise...well, when I can or when I think it's possible.
- I'm friendly and easy to get along with, so I tend to have a decent range of friends and acquaintances.
- People have told me I'm very intelligent, but I do have my air head moments. xD;
- I'm a great friend and I behave. Plus I'm obedient. Er, for the most part...
- I think before I act most of the time.
- I'm somewhat of a perfectionist, which I guess can also be a weakness.
- When necessary, I make my opinions known and give reasons to said opinions.
- I'm a hard worker because I like to get good grades. I'm dissatisfied with a C or anything lower than it.
- I'm compassionate/caring. I like to help people with their problems if I can. I tend to be a generous person most of the time too.
- I'm determined. To the EXTREME. lol KHR!fail moment
- My randomness. People like me because I tend to say random things or do random things, which in turn makes them laugh, so I guess I can be funny too. Wait...would that count? xD

Bad things?
- I've got a short temper. You could actually say I'm like an irl tsundere. I'm nice to certain people, but sometimes a complete ass to others. This has happened a lot in school concerning my classmates...and my friends avoid getting me upset...because they don't like it when I'm pissed off. I tend to yell at anybody when I'm pissed or frustrated, even though they didn't do anything wrong.
- I'm also stubborn, especially when it comes to my opinions.
- I don't like cursing irl, but I do it anyway when online, so sometimes I have a foul mouth when on here...
- I can be timid when I'm around people I don't really know, so I usually stay quiet and don't do or say anything. That means I don't interact much with others at first. Oh, and adding to that, I get embarrassed easily, and I blush easily.
- I don't like admitting it, but I like to argue. A lot. Because I like to be right. I hate to be proved wrong because then I feel like an idiot.
- I'm lazy most of the time. In relation to that, I sleep a lot. But I love to sleep ~
- I tend to be a bit indecisive, which means I'm picky.
- I procrastinate. A LOT.
- I occasionally act before I think. Oops.
- I'm slightly naive and innocent. That also means I'm a bit oblivious.
- I'm a coward sometimes.
- I'm loud when I get excited or hyper. I really need to work on that...
- I have fail!memory = forgetful person.
- I space out. Constantly. Because I get bored easily. Even when I'm talking to somebody I'm vulnerable to spacing out.
- I'm clumsy.
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