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Now I normally don't do this...

But it's a field assignment for my human sexuality class and it's due by the end of the semester, which is in about five weeks or so. Lord knows I'm going to procrastinate with non-academic activities, so I want to get a head start on it as soon as possible. I am to interview at least six people and ask them the following questions:

1. What messages did you receive about nudity? About masturbation? (That is, what are your memories in regard to what your parents, the media, religion, peers, etc. communicated to you about these topics?)

2. Do you think that it is best for people to wait to have sex until they are married? Why/why not? Does religion influence your belief at all?

3. How did you learn about conception and contraception? Through school, peers, parents, a book? Do you feel that you are fairly knowledgeable about contraception and sexually transmitted infections (STIs)?

4. What has had the most influence on your attitudes about sex? The media, religion, peers or your cultural background? In what ways?

5. Do you feel that religion plays a role in your view of whether abortion is right or wrong? In what ways if yes? If no, why not?

6. What are some of the ways that you recall the media influenced your behavior toward the opposite sex, if heterosexual? If GLBTQ, what are some of the messages that the media sent regarding your sexual orientation? Were they positive or negative?

7. Were your parents open to any questions about sex that you might have had? If not, how did you know that you shouldn't ask certain questions?

8. Do you support or oppose the right of same sex couples to marry and why? Does religion play any role in your feelings about the issue?

If you wish help me by responding, it's required in my assignment you give your first name and age, but that's it. All comments here are screened and won't ever be for public viewing. It's solely for me. I am not to respond but simply collect data and accumulate all of it so as to summarize the responses to write my paper. It has to be five to seven pages long. That's not something I'm looking forward to...

Remember, it's completely voluntary!
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