☆ j u b i l e e 。 (calavasas) wrote,
☆ j u b i l e e 。


Salutations friend. Care to chat?
ramblings. life. rants. spazzing. the gist of my journal.
place is run by a jovial young lady with a temper. trust me i'm pretty friendly.
local hetalian and homestuck. i also love food, pirates, and cute things.
this post is for you to spam me with whatever you want, ask questions, etc.
sit back and buckle up because here comes the smoulder.

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    So it's been a while, eh? What happened to LJ? Geez... Everything is so... strange, now. I don't have a lot to say. I've been spending…

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    But it's a field assignment for my human sexuality class and it's due by the end of the semester, which is in about five weeks or so. Lord knows I'm…

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    Obviously a Pokemon, like Togekiss, Eevee, or Mudkip. I much prefer animal companionship than a human one. Actually I'd want a wide variety of…

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