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{Friend Cut}: Don't take this personally. I didn't wanna do this but...

There are only two times a year where I do Friend Cuts. One is before Christmas, and the other, is in the summer, sometime in June or July. Since right now the year is at the latter, this means, yes, it's time for me to do another one of these things. Therefore...

Friend Cut/Reverse Friends Cut

This is how it's gonna work:

Adopting what Miyako did in her journal, I'm gonna take everyone off my flist. But don't like freak out or anything! Read the second point.

This will not only serve as a normal friend cut, but also as a reverse friend cut. I will only add back people who comment in this entry because that tells me your journal is not dead, you're still using LJ, and you're still interested about the little nothings of my life and wish to stay friends.

I'm doing it this way this time around because I don't want you to feel like just because you've added me since way back when, you still need to keep me, and this will give you an incentive to take me off your list. There are some people I hope will comment on this entry because I love reading your journals, but if you don't, well that's fine. It was nice getting to know you while we could. ;w;

Anyway, if you suddenly see that you're not on my list anymore DO NOT PANIC. I'll leave this open for about the rest of the week and by Friday, it will close. (Of course, that doesn't mean you still can't add me back. Just comment on the second entry of the first page to my journal. :D)

I'm also doing this because I'm preparing a summer friending meme since Iggy and I want to revive LJ since it's been kinda lonely... ;__; I love this site, so I'm gonna try in any way I can to make it active again!

So anyway, I will make a proper post tomorrow. Like I said, don't take it personally! Everyone on my flist is getting the same "treatment".
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