☆ j u b i l e e 。 (calavasas) wrote,
☆ j u b i l e e 。


Considering May is hell month for my college due to it being finals tiem, I have to make another post about this. I have about four weeks left and within that time I need to have two essays finished for English, both of which I haven't even started on, nor have I made an appointment for them to be revised by an English tutor. I also have biology tests back to back which is sure enough going to make me cry because I have to figure out a study schedule so I don't waste time. Shockingly, the only class I'm not worried about is math because it's been relatively easy so I think I can manage to keep my B even with the final, or hopefully, manage an A on the subject for the first time ever. I really need to practice setting my priorities straight because college is not high school. If you fuck up there, then the consequences are worse, and I'm not going to take my chances. I'm not saying it's definite because I might still come online (read as: yes she will), but if not then:


See you in four weeks!
Tags: hiatus

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