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[Intro Post]: All You Need To Know


I prefer to think that I'm a likable person, but you can decide for yourself. Y'all can call me Jubi.
Name: Victoria
Nicknames: Jubilee, Jubi, Toni's waifu, Alfred-san, JuJuBee, Buhyoobee, JuBby, Rukia. Please don't call me a variant of my real name, but it's all good if you give me a new nickname.
Location: California, United States of America. Hell yeah.
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthday: May 27
Ethnicity: Mexican-American
S. Orientation: Straight
Languages: English, Español. (Wants to learn Japanese, Italian, French)
Beliefs: I have Christian values, though I would not consider myself a full one.
Occupation: Avid fanfic writer, fangirl, and fanart collecting whore College student...poor.
Dreams: Travel around the world, become a veterinarian, draw badass, write my own fictional novel
Motto: ¡Es mas bello vivir cantando!

anime, manga, animals, cute things, bunnies, colors, Italian food, food in general, sweets, accents, pirates, stuffed animals, video games, Pokemon, writing, drawing, fanfiction, art, LiveJournal, dinosaurs, internet, movies, sleeping, hanging out with friends, traveling, Christmas, summer, Estrogen Brigade Bait, TV Tropes, family & friends, my dog, Japanese smilies, Japanese things, tropical places, Tumblr, talking about headcanons, redheads, Homestuck

racism, discrimination, sexism, homophobia, politics, animal cruelty, conceited people, spiders, clowns, porcelain dolls, ghosts, horror, math, lack of common sense, easily butthurt people, bitching for no reason, being bored, getting sick, rushed holidays, being bossed around, USUK, most female characters, BBCode, neighbors, blasphemy, homework, ignorance, literal pessimistic people

procrastinator, confidant, trustworthy, friendly, optimistic, helpful, caring, determined, cheerful, hard-working, creative, bold, defensive of friends, tries to respect opposing opinions, stubborn, short-tempered, timid, easily embarrassed, naive, innocent, opinionated, clumsy, lazy, perfectionist, short attention span, bossy, loud, hyper, prideful, Tsundere, Plucky Girl, Meganekko, Ditz

Because this list was too long, I made a separate fandom post. Here it is if you're interested ~

you need to know this.
→ I am a highly opinionated person. I will not bash you for having opposing views (I will respect them), but be aware that I will defend my stance and because I am a stubborn mule, you can't change my mind once I've formed an opinion. Ever.
→ Politics? That's some fucked up shit right there. I hate the subject, so it's extremely rare to find that kind of content in my journal. Politics make me want to flip tables.
→ Though I said I have Christian values and morals, I wouldn't consider myself to be a full one. However, I get very upset when people badmouth God or Jesus, so don't do it while I'm around. Yes, it offends me.
→ I do not curse offline, but online...well, let's just say my mouth can be trashy, though it only gets bad when I'm angry.
→ What you will find in my journal: fangirling, about my day, a lot of memes, my dreams I have at night that are filled with crack, fanfic updates that lead to my writing journal.
→ LiveJournal is the place where I post personal stuff, but if you want more frivolity, then my Tumblr is the place to go. There I just reblog a bunch of crap and have fun tiemz.
→ Being an optimistic and cheerful person, I am turned off by people who are pessimistic and emo 24/7. But literally. If you're going to use your journal to cry and whine about how bad your life sucks on a constant basis, please...no. It's best if we don't become friends. Remember that there is always somebody who is in deeper shit than you, so don't complain. I'm not going to feel sorry for somebody who already feels sorry for themselves. I'm not saying it's wrong to feel sad. Just don't let it get to a point where it controls your entire life.
→ My Spanish is on a decent level, although I'm not as fluent as I should be.
→ Spain/Antonio of Hetalia is my sexy Spanish husbando. Just sayin'.
→ And Koondy is my adorable waifu.
→ It takes a lot for me to become sad. I'm hardly ever in a downcast mood.
→ I don't like people who cause drama, so if you're gonna do that with me, you can gtfo.
→ I have a temper. It's not as nasty as some other people's, but I do have a temper.
→ If you have the AUDACITY to bitch me out because I like a certain pairing you hate, a shitstorm is gonna come your way. I don't bother people about what they ship (I could care less) so don't bother me about mine. This is why people have opinions.
→ That's another thing. If you don't understand what the word "opinion" means, you can just leave.
→ I'll also tell it like it is. I am not going to sugarcoat anything for you, because that won't be of much help. In other words, I can be a harsh person.
→ I do not like chatspeak. Please converse with me in proper English grammar and sentences.
→ Don't be afraid. Though this section was probably intimidating, I'm actually a very friendly and nice person. :D

So there's some stuff I feel you should know before you decide to permanently become my friend. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, it's best if you remove me from your friends list. All in all, it's easy to get along with me. I love making friends. ¡Adios! ([∂]ω[<]) ~ ☆
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