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I really really REALLY can't believe I'm doing this...


Okay so...I said I'd never make a hiatus in my entire life...er, or at least on LiveJournal, therefore this will be a SEMI hiatus. Hell, I get depressed when anybody on my flist takes a hiatus, so me taking one is like ahshkdbskjnksj. It's just...it's not that I don't have internet access. It's just I can't always be on it like I used to in years past, which actually makes me very sad... I get home late half of the time every week, and on days when I don't, I'm doing my homework, reviewing, studying, at the campus working on shit, trying to develop a friendship with my crush, etc. Oh don't worry. I will still be updating my journal with entries about irl and other things. It's just...I'm terribly sorry flist, but no matter how hard I try, I can't keep up with everyone's journals on a constant basis when I have school. It actually kills me on the inside because I feel like I'm a fail friend or something. ;A;

You'll probably only be hearing from me, whether it's new entries or comments on your own entries, on days when I actually get out early (Mondays and Wednesdays), Fridays, and sometimes the weekends. This is not a guarantee, but trust me, I'll find some way to post here. XD Mm, so yes, I really want to do well this semester because...I've realized that even though I have done well in high school, it wasn't enough to get me into one of the first choices of colleges I wanted, so this program I'm in at my community college is a real blessing since it helps me plan out everything and gives me information on financial aid and stuff. I don't want to mess this up. I want my GPA to be as high as possible. C's are definitely not satisfactory with me anymore. Ha ha, I'll still be lazy. That's a guaranteed thing, and I'll probably continue with my "fuck it" attitude every now and then, but I will try harder.

U-Uhm...so yes, semi-hiatus for now. Don't worry. I'll still be spamming and reblogging crap on Tumblr, and I'll read things on LJ still. I just probably won't always comment or read everything. School can be a real drag y'know? I don't want anybody to think I'm neglecting people so...y-yeah. I really do love all of you. I just wish I had more time to spend in your journals... With that being said, I won't accept any new friend requests, because I'll only neglect their journals too, and I don't want that.

I haven't watched TTGL yet, but this icon seems to be how I feel with school on a daily basis. xD

Mm, okay, yeah. Guess I'm done explaining. Yeah so, remember, this is a semi-hiatus and I will still in fact BE HERE. It just won't be as often like last year. Spring break and summer is when I can get back to doing nothing but sitting on my behind and stalking everyone's journals. (Well actually I wanna learn how to drive so I can get my fuggin' driver's license. I also want to work part-time so I can have my own dinero like for buying stuff for cosplaying and just having money for cons and necessities, but I digress.) I'm not saying good bye. You say that to people you'll never see again. So until I can become a frequent LJer and internet lurker again, see ya all later! ♥ ([∂]ω[<]) ~ ☆
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