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Dreams Filled With Crack 142 + 143

Dream 142
Title: Wands At The Ready
Date: January 4, 2011
Rank: ☆☆☆☆☆

Again, this is another Harry Potter dream. Man, my dreams are either of Bleach or Harry Potter. LOL So anyway, I forgot how this one started since there were two parts, but I guess I'll go in the order I think it should have gone. So I was also apparently a witch and I was with Harry and the gang in this place that...looked like an abandoned hospital in the night or something. I remember that we needed to get something, like a potion or concoction of some sort. There was this vile that had red and green (or was it blue? Man I forgot...) liquid substance in it, but somebody dropped it, (I think it was Draco) and then the two colored liquids began to slowly float up and turn into these bubbles. Everyone there was in a circle around the two liquids, wands pointing at them because I guess they were very dangerous, and then the liquids began to shoot out so there was magic flying everywhere trying to stop it. I think Hagrid caught some and put it in a vile. Uh, I don't remember what happened after this because then the scene changed.

So then for some reason, I was with Harry, Ron and Hermione running out of this castle and we were cornered onto a ledge of the outside. Ron was hurt and bleeding, Harry and Hermione trying to carry him, but the ledge was broken right in front of us after we got to the edge, so we were sort of hanging there, trying to hold onto the railing. I didn't know what to do (my wand was in my hand) and the evil guys were right above us on the stable part of the ledge. Then somebody with a sword sliced into the ledge and it broke off, so the four of us started to fall. Harry and Hermione held onto Ron while I tried to find a way to save our asses, and then we ended up falling into like...this white pumpkin carriage (Cinderella wtf). I forgot who was there. I think McGonagle (sp?) was in there and told us we were safe, so the four of us were able to take a breather. Harry asked Ron something and I forgot what it was, but his reply seemed relieved and came with a smile, so he fell asleep to rest. Yeah, that's all I can remember. There was actually another part to this dream, but it's not HP related and I'd rather not write about it since it has to do with family, meaning I wish to forget it.


Dream 143
Title: Snippet of a Swapmeet
Date: Forgot
Rank: ☆☆☆☆☆

So I have no idea why this little dream segment came to me just now. I had this dream weeks back but forgot to record it, and it was a part of a much larger dream I think, but I also forgot that one. Anyway, I remember in this dream, I was at some kind of swapmeet that...idk it was located in someplace tropical, because I had a summer dress that was blue with hibiscus flowers and fruits on it, and my hair was down in curls and I was wearing sandals so I looked like an islander. I went into this shop that sold candy or just little snack things, and I remember looking through them, trying to decide what to buy. I think I bought a whole jar of something, or I bought something for a kid. I can't really remember... All I remember was that the shack was wooden and when I stepped out, there were canopies for other little stands where people sold stuff. Yeah...that's all I can seem to remember.

Analysis: Maybe I should go bargain hunting to the swapmeet since I haven't been there in a while...
Tags: crack, dreams, harry potter, wtf

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