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Dreams Filled With Crack 137

Dream 137
Title: Conference
Date: December 12, 2010
Rank: ☆☆☆☆☆

I must post this before I leave my house, otherwise I shall forget it!!! Okay sooo...in the beginning it was me trying to catch a bus from my grandparents' house to my mom's house, but it was in the nighttime and I remember asking various people in the neighborhood how to get over there, but none of them knew. Then a bus driver parked like in the middle of the street and then when she got off, I ran to her and asked if her bus goes that route, and she said that it didn't because it was another bus company that went that far from what I described to her. When I told her that my house was near a cemetery in the city my mom lives in, she knew where that was but couldn't take me that far, so I was by myself on how to get over there.

The other part of my dream was Hetalia related. I was an unimportant character in this dream, so I guess I was just an innocent bystander watching the other people in my dream. It looked like a world conference with people from various countries, and Alfred was the one hosting it since he was in the front of the room talking, although his haircut looked a little shorter than how it usually is. I remember some guy kept bugging him and asked about the homework (?) so Alfred got annoyed and security had to take him out of the room. The scene changed after more of Alfred's talking, and then I guess...it switched to another room where I supposed he was staying. I think Kiku was there too, but I can't really remember, although this part had somewhat of an Ameripan feel to it, even though I can't remember the nitty-gritty details of what happened.

Analysis: Apparently if I write a FrUK one-shot until 2am, I will dream about Ameripan...
Tags: crack, dreams, hetalia, wtf

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