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Dreams Filled With Crack 133

Dream 131
Title: Mediterranean Riches
Date: October 18, 2010
Rank: ☆☆☆☆☆

I actually had a nightmare before this dream, but since I never record my nightmares because I want to forget them, I won't include it here. Anyway, this dream involved a giant mansion in which I was the owner's rich kid. Yeah. But I was younger, probably like eight years old because I was more energetic and childish. I remember coming home from somewhere (probably school) and running through the large foyer into another room where my favorite butler was. I forgot his name, but he was old yet dignified and still had life in him. I ran to him and hugged him, him hugging me back. The walls in the room were a shade of green with an elegant floral design, probably jade or olive, maybe even a bit darker, and it had a vintage theme to it. The tile on the floor of the foyer was checkered, big squares of black and beige, like a cream color. There was a wide staircase when you would walk in through the front door that branched off to the left and to the right. A large crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling in the center. It was daytime though, so it wasn't turned on.

Anyway, the next scene involved my younger self still, but I was on one of the floors with my friends I guess, who happened to be the child versions of Greece and Turkey, except I have never seen Turkey as a child in canon or in fanart because he's one of the older Nation-tans like China. But as I was saying, they were my playmates (and they still didn't get along) for the day or so. We went into one of the rooms, which was a small room, and there was a ladder that led up to I guess the attic or something, maybe even a smaller secret room. I went first, then Turkey, and then Greece. I can't remember what happened after that since I woke up, but it was a pretty cool dream.

Analysis: I think I long for the rich life, but money can only give you temporary happiness.
Tags: crack, dreams, hetalia

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