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{Dare #1} Alfred move the fuck over because I'm the #1 McDonald's fan EVER.

Yeah that's right. Alfred thinks he loves McDonald's more than any other person alive on the planet and in history. But he's wrong. He overlooked one individual.

That's right: ME.

Pssh. Nobody loves McDonald's more than I do. NOBODY! Hell I eat McDonald's every fucking day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even when I want a snack, I go to McDonald's. When I go to a wedding, I take McDonald's with me because I don't wanna eat any of that crap they serve, you know all that fancy shit and whatnot. And I already informed everyone that when I die, after my funeral, they better serve McDonald's wherever they go to have the "Going Away Forever" party or whatever the hell that thing's called.

For my birthday, my family takes me to McDonald's and we spend the entire day there. Yeah I'm one of those crazy people who even gets in that play place where all the childrens are at being their bratty snot-nosed selves. I tell them, "Kids get the fuck out of my way!" and if they don't move, I throw them in the ball pit.

Alfred isn't the biggest whore for McDonald's. I am. I've been to every McDonald's in the country. Yeah it's true. And guess what? I'VE BEEN TO EVERY MCDONALD'S IN THE WORLD. I've eaten everything on the menu over ten thousand times.

For Christmas all I want for presents are McDonald's gift cards. And I like to be treated to McDonald's. Yeah and when I finally go on dates, my boyfriend better take me to McDonald's all the time. YOU HEAR THAT ANTONIO?! *shot* Hell I'll even wear a fancy-ass dress if I have to!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that all of my clothes are McDonald's themed, even my underwear. They have fries printed on them with the "M" logo. Ya. In my room, my wall is painted to look like the side of a burger and I have photos in frames of all the McDonald's characters. I also replaced my stuffed animals for the plushies of the McDonald's characters.

Every year for Halloween, I'm Ronald. Every. Fucking. Year. These are trufax. I have the wig and everything.

I can say how much more I love McDonald's than Alfred, but then we'd be here for many years. Alfred, you better not challenge me, because I'll beat your ass up if you even DARE try to compete with me about my love for McDonald's.

I'm watching you bro. You better sleep with one eye open.

I shall go and claim my candy now. :'D
Tags: !meme, alfred, crack, lol

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