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France why so naughty?

My icon means nothing

So this is fanart I found on dA which was pretty awesomesauce so I just had to share it with my flist ~
To put it simply, it's France trying to grope everybody in canon, his first victim being, of course, his waifu England. The poor soul...

Basically this picture is France x Everyone LMAO

Francis' Attacks by Kelissa

In case you didn't know who some of the characters were, this is the order from left to right:

England, America, Japan, Greece, Russia, Canada, Germany, N. Italy, Ukraine, Belarus, Spain, Prussia, China, Poland, Hungary, Austria, S. Italy, S. Korea, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Sealand, Turkey, Egypt, Cuba, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Tibet, Seychelles, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Cameroon, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Holy Roman Empire, Chibitalia, Germania, Rome, Monaco, Jeanne D'Arc, Australia, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Mongolia, Cyprus, Seborga, Wy, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ghana, Botswana, male!Hungary, fem!S. Italy, fem!N. Italy, fem!Germany, fem!Japan, male!Taiwan, fem!Russia, fem!Canada, fem!America, fem!China, fem!England, and fem!France.

THEY FORGOT FEM!SPAIN. QAQ *cries forever*

I laughed...so hard...at Greece...because he's sleeping. XD


Hurr hurr Prussia ~

Fffff I love the Denmark one
Denmark: 8DDDD *swings axe*
France: QAQ!!!

Lol Fem!Russia

Fem!Russia: (^∀^) *hugglesquish*
France: x__x

Lawl fem!America is practically breaking his back. xD

Fem!America: \(>∇<*)/
France: (′o Д o`) *Halp!*

Also...THIS MEME...

The Letter Meme
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