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[☆] My Fandoms

[Most are in order of favoritism]

!Axis Powers Hetalia
♂ America, Japan, Spain, England, Russia, Canada, Denmark, N. Italy, Prussia, S. Korea, Sealand, Lithuania, Greece, Australia, Thailand
♀ Ukraine, Hungary, Seychelles
✖ Fem!England
America x Japan, France x England, Prussia x Hungary, Turkey x Greece, Canada x Ukraine, America + Canada, America x Taiwan, Spain x N. Italy
⊗ America x England, Greece x Japan, England x Japan. Don't get me started on USUK. Just save yourself the trouble and avoid bringing it up with me. As for Giripan and AsaKiku... It's not that I hate them; it's more like...I don't understand them and fail to see a decent amount of chemistry with both ships. :I

One Piece
♂ Ace, Zoro, Sanji, Luffy
♀ Nami, Robin
✖ I don't dislike any character. :I They're all badass
♥ Ffff not sure what I ship, but...I think the love-triangle of Zoro x Nami x Sanji is interesting. XD
⊗ I don't ship much in this series, so I don't dislike any ships ha ha.

!Katekyo Hitman Reborn
♂ Yamamoto, Belphegor, Dino, Tsuna, Ryohei, Basil, Gokudera
♀ Kyoko, Chrome, I-Pin, Lal Mirch
✖ Haru and pretty much the entire Shimon family atm.
Yamamoto x Gokudera, Tsuna x Kyoko, Dino x Tsuna, Mukuro x Chrome
⊗ Gokudera x Tsuna, Tsuna x Haru, Anyone x Haru

♂Š Shizuo, Kida, Mikado, Shinra, Izaya
♀Š Celty, Anri
✖Š Izaya (lol)
♥Š Shizuo x Celty, Izaya x Namie, Izaya x Kida, Mikado x Anri
⊗ None because I'm not that into the fandom. Maybe Shizuo/Izaya though...

!Ouran High School Host Club
♂ Kaoru, Hikaru, Tamaki
♀ Haruhi
✖ None at the moment.
♥ Hikaru x Haruhi, Hikaru x Kaoru, Tamaki x Renge
⊗ Tamaki x Haruhi. Look, I don't fucking care that they ended up together. I just hate that ship.

!Soul Eater
♂ Death the Kid, Black Star, Soul
♀ Maka, Tsubaki, Marie
✖ None at the moment. Gosh, I don't even hate the villains...
Kid x Maka, Black Star x Maka
⊗ Soul x Maka, Kid x Crona, Anyone besides Maka x Kid

!Death Note
♂ Matt, L, Near, Mello
♀ None
✖Š Misa, Takada, Light
♥ Mello x Near, Matt x Oc (lol)
⊗ L x Light, Mello x Matt/Matt x Mello

♂ Toushirou, Renji, Ulquiorra, Ichigo, Shinji
♀ Rukia, Matsumoto, Nel
✖Š Hinamori, Orihime (sometimes), Aizen
♥ Ulquiorra x Orihime, Ichigo x Rukia
⊗ Ichigo x Orihime, Renji x Rukia, Toushirou x Hinamori

Past Fandoms

!Naruto Shippuden
♂ Deidara, Hidan, Sasori, Kakuzu, Itachi, Tobi (when he was a moron), Kiba, Sai
♀ Sakura, Konan
✖ Hinata, Sasuke, Orochimaru, and now Tobi
♥ Naruto x Sakura, Kiba x Hinata, Deidara x Oc (lol again)
NARUTO X HINATA, Sasuke x Sakura, Anyone besides Naruto x Sakura, Any Akatsuki slash pairings. I'm sorry. I just have a very hard time seeing them in a homosexual situation. I don't slash in my older fandoms. I have no idea why.

!Fruits Basket
♂ Hatsuharu, Momiji, Yuki, Kyo, Shigure, Ayame
♀ Arisa, Rin
♥ Yuki x Tohru, Hatusharu x Tohru, Shigure x Tohru, Kyo x Arisa
⊗ Kyo x Tohru. Shut the fuck up about your canon shit. I don't give a damn.

!Pokemon (mostly the manga)
♂ Silver, Gold, Green, Ruby, Red (not Ash)
♀ Crystal, Blue, Sapphire (May in the anime)
✖ Misty, Dawn
♥ Ash x May, Gold x Crystal, Silver x Lyra, Green x Blue. I don't slash in this series either gaiz.
⊗ Ash x Misty, Drew x May, any slash pairings.

!Digimon (Seasons 1 - 4)
♂ Tai, Izzy, TK, Davis, Takuya, Tommy
♀ Sora, Kari, Zoe, Rika
✖ Matt because I think he's a total douche. I kinda dislike Mimi because she's selfish and annoying sometimes.
Tai x Sora, TK x Kari, Takuya x Zoe, Takato x Rika
⊗ Matt x Sora. I hate this pairing. Don't start throwing that canon shit at me either, because again, I don't give a damn.

!Xiaolin Showdown (not an anime but who cares I still like this show lol)
♂ Raimundo, Jack Spicer
♀ Kimiko
✖ None
♥ Raimundo x Kimiko
⊗ Raimundo x Anybody, Anybody x Kimiko

Note: The first six are really the only ones I care about while the rest after that...eh. They're ok. I don't obsess over them like the first six, but I still like them to some degree. This list will get longer once I get into more series.

The reason why there aren't too many female characters on my favorites list is because I am annoyed by the majority of them from almost every series I've seen. Also, forgive me if I sounded vicious in this post for some of the ships I dislike...

I would like you all to take note however, that just because I despise certain pairings, I won't bash you for liking them. That's not how I roll bro. As long as you don't spam me with pictures of them just to tick me off and don't try to force me to see why your ship makes a lot more sense than mine, I'm okay with it. C:
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