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Here's the second request fic from the domesticity meme

Title: Haven
Author: Jubilee
Characters/Pairings: Kida x Saki
Rating: K
Genre: Family
Warnings/Notes: Nothing. This is an AU I suppose. Happens after Kida and Saki run away together at the end of the anime. Done for the domesticity meme where your friends request a ship for you to write about in a domestic scene, so my friend koondy wanted Kida/Saki. Hope you like it! I feel like I put Kida and Saki out of character... This is my first Durarara fanfiction so...sorry if it sucks. D; I tried my best!
Summary: They never needed much to get by. All that was required for them to be happy was each other.
Posted: HERE at estorias

So this time, the fic is for Koondy and she requested Kida/Saki from Durarara so...there it is! Wow...I...am not satisfied with this one. I have never written anything for this fandom, and I haven't written anything major as far as het pairings go...so...I feel like I failed somewhere...

Anyway, I hope Kida and Saki aren't out of character, and I hope you like it Koondy! ;A;
Tags: !fanfiction, durarara

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