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Here's the first drabble fanfic thing from that one meme.

Title: A Domestic Moment
Author: Jubilee
Characters/Pairings: America x Japan
Rating: K+
Genre: Family
Warnings/Notes: Nothing. This is an AU. Done for the domestiticy meme in which your flist requests a ship for you to write about, so gohstar requested her favorite (and mine) America/Japan.
Summary: Nothing was sweeter than to come home from a tiresome workday to a warm dinner and a loving family.
Posted @: HERE at estorias

So this is the Ameripan request from gohstar. Next I'm going to work on the Kida/Saki request from koondy and finally that FrUK one from jubileejeevas.

Now it's time to go offline since I have class in about fifty minutes and holy crap I'm still not ready to go to school. I HAVEN'T EATEN ANYTHING! OTL

I'll update normally when I return. Until then, bye flist! :D

I also just noticed that my "Welcome" message there got pushed down when I updated...WHY DOES IT DO THAT?! OTL I need to change the date or time or something. >:/

If anybody figures out how to keep an entry at the top of a community...do let me know! /frustrated
Tags: !fanfiction, ameripan

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